What is district heating?

The manageable solution for the 
heating system in your house

District heating is a manageable solution fo the ones that live on the colder latitudes. The solution also takes advantage of the energy that otherwise would have been wasted - therefor it is climate-smart - something that is more and more valued these days when it comes to development and long term-thinking. 

A smarter system

Manageable & Trouble-free

Environmental friendly alternatives

Safe and continuous heating

To select district heating

Answers to common questions

Does it pay off?

If you wish to have a heated building all year around with a energy saving and environmental friendly solution, then district heating does pay off. The operating cost is low and no extra work is required after the building has been connected. Thereafter you can enjoy your heated house. 


How does it work?

Water is pumped through the pipes in the ground, that goes from the district heating central where the water is heated up with the help of big ovens. These ovens are mainly heated using turf. The warm water circulates to the building and then goes back to the heating central to get heated up again, to then again get pumped out into the pipes to heat up various buildings. 


What does it cost?

The costs mainly consist of a connecting cost and then monthly costs depending on how much heating the building need, The only fixed cost is for connecting the building to the network. The montly costs depend on what you need.


What do I get?

Problem free heating of your building all year round. During the summer months the operating cost is lower since the building won't need as much heat as during the winter months. That's why the monthly costs differ depending on the weather.